10.31.12I'm on the Radio again!!

I'm on the Radio again!!

My songs are played on the Radio again!
This time is in the USA! (Yaaahooooo!!)

It's on KHigh Radio from Denver in Colorado!
My Songs are played around 10am tomorrow (Nov 1st) at Colorado time.

And 12 at noon tomorrow (Nov 1st) at New York time!

I can't say it'll play on time.
But if you could listen the radio around the time, it should be there..!

The good news is we can listen from anywhere in the world!!

Please visit
(Again, if you are in NY, visit there tomorrow around noon!)

10.24.12My song and message plays on the Radio in Japan and Hawaii!

My song and message is playing on the radio in Japan (Iwate area) and Hawaii!
If you registered Keyhole-TV (Free) and go to IBCRadio, you can hear it from anywhere in the world! But it's a Japanese Radio program, so I spoke in Japanese though....
Just in case, it's going to be on the air on November 26th at 5am (NY time) on IBC Radio!

10.24.12Now the album "Room699" is selling online.

08.15.12Miki Yoshitake Fan Page created!

This is Miki's Official Fan Page by Miki Yoshitake.

08.09.12Updated Shows! CD release party and performances in Japan!

I'm going to have a CD release party at TomiJazz in Septemeber! And also I'm going to perform in Tokyo and Kyushu this winter! Please check the Schedule page!

04.14.12A New CD is coming up in this summer!

I just recorded some songs with the wonderful guitar trio in this April, 2012!
I uploaded some pictures of my recording!
Check it out!
The CD is coming up in this summer!
I can't wait!

06.13.11Update Photos of May and June 2011!

Performance at Saburi and TomiJazz pictures updated!Check it out!Thanks!

05.23.11Update Photos!

I updated the pictures of J-summit in May,2011!
Please check it!

11.28.10Duo CD with Toru Yamauchi

I recorded the Bossa CD with Toru Yamauchi in Octorber 2010.
The sounds you hear when you open my website is the one from the CD.
If you want to listen more,please contact with me!!
I'll keep the one for You!

Thank U and Peace!



My website's "Listen"page is coming soon!!!
Please come back to my website and listen my new Recording this weekend!

09.01.10Thank you for coming at Hiraimong!

Thank you for coming at Hiraimong saturday night!
It was really happy to back there and sing there.
Im glad that their are many people come listen my show.
Thank youuuu!
I love you all!
I'll post some of these pictures,check it out!


08.21.10Up Coming show in August 2010!

I am at Hiraimong with

Toru Dodo-Piano

Oleg Osenkov-bass

I'll be fun night!
Come join us!!

07.13.10August 28th @ HiraiMong

Im going to sing at HiraiMong again!
I can't wait to see you!
This update is a month before the night I sing!
So no excuse,everybody!
Come and drink with me @ HiraiMong!!

06.17.10New Nirvana schedule

How are you?
Here’s my new Nirvana schedule:
June 28 (Mon.), 730pm – 10p.m.

Here is my new Come see me!!!

06.05.10June's schedule has been changed!

The schedule of June's Nirvana has been changed.
I changed to sing there on every monday night from the 3rd week of June.
So Im going to sing 10th(Friday),14th(Monday),21th(Monday),28th(Monday) for lest of this month!
I know it's not easy to come on monday night,but if you can stop by,I'll appriciate!
Thank you for your support!

06.05.10About the Nirvana on monday nights!

When I sing on friday night,I sing between 8pm to 10:30pm.
But on monday night,the show will be start from 7:30pm and End time will be 10pm.
Thank you!

06.01.10Updated performances for June 2010!

05.03.10UpDate!Performances of May in 2010!

I updated May's schedule!